- 01.09.22

Delivering Essential Infrastructure to Melbourne’s North


At Dahua Australia, our mission is to build enduring communities where residents can experience life in all its richness. As part of this mission, not only do we work to ensure our communities are places of beauty, but that essential infrastructure is in place to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future, both for our residents and the surrounding community.

Most recently, we have been working hard to bring essential road, sewerage and water services to the Bodycoats Road precinct, which runs adjacent to our Wollert Rise project.

This $44M infrastructure project is currently underway due to the efforts of the Wollert North Infrastructure Consortium. This group represents several new communities in the Wollert Growth Corridor, including Wollert Rise which, have been working with the City of Whittlesea.

Over two years, the Consortium has collaborated with Whittlesea Council on the design and approvals for roads, sewerage, water, and power. Now, these essential works are well underway, a significant step forward in seeing the potential of this area fully realised.

Civil contractor Rokon is now upgrading Bodycoats Road to a sealed road, and drainage assets have been installed in the area to support future development. While this work takes place, Bodycoats Road and Boundary Road are closed to traffic from both directions.

Once complete, this infrastructure project will provide essential services to over 5,000 homes in the Bodycoats Road Precinct. It is estimated that the road will become trafficable by mid-2023.

With all works to be completed in a little over 9 months, this infrastructure will deliver essential services to Melbourne’s northern reaches and facilitate the development of our  Wollert Rise community. Thus, bringing our residents one step closer to moving in and making themselves at home on nature’s doorstep!