- 26.02.24

Westwood Place Stage 1 Reaches New Milestone


Dahua Australia takes immense pride in announcing the successful settlement of Westwood Place Stage 1!

In January 2024, 77 lots including land parcels and architecturally designed townhomes. This achievement represents a significant milestone in our journey towards crafting a distinguished residential enclave.

A showcase of quality and planning

From its inception in 2021, Westwood Place has exemplified its commitment to exceptional quality and visionary urban planning. The resounding success of sales can be attributed to the visible and tangible quality displayed throughout the maturing Westwood Walk. The discerning clientele has recognized and embraced the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines the character of Westwood Place.

More to come for Westwood Place

The success story of Westwood Place unfolds further in 2024 as we gear up for the delivery and settlement of Stages 2A & 8. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in our dedication to providing a distinctive living experience. Additionally, we are pleased to announce the impending release of Stages 4 and 5 for sale in the coming months, promising an expanded array of housing options and fantastic proximity to lifestyle amenities.

Embark on your homeownership journey with Dahua Australia

At Dahua Australia, we invite you to be a part of Westwood Place – a community that transcends expectations. As the proud developer of this community, we are dedicated to curating an environment that seamlessly combines luxury, convenience, and natural beauty.

To delve deeper into the world of Westwood Place, click here. Your future in this distinguished community awaits!

Westwood Place