- 22.09.23

Dahua Group Staff Take on The Push-Up Challenge to Raise Awareness for Better Mental Health


In a remarkable display of unity and dedication, Dahua Group staff took on The Push-Up Challenge, a nationwide initiative aimed at championing mental health awareness and generating crucial funds for vital mental health services across Australia.

Between the 1st and 23rd of June 2023, our devoted team members took on the challenge, each setting aside their own time in the office to collectively achieve an astounding total of 26,595 push-ups.

Beyond the physical feat, The Push-Up Challenge embodies the resolute commitment of individuals to support mental health initiatives in Australia. It stands as a powerful symbol of the strength and resilience needed to triumph over the hurdles tied to mental health struggles. By wholeheartedly participating in this challenge, Dahua Group staff not only amplified awareness but also extended a compassionate hand to those in search of support.

This steadfast commitment by Dahua Group staff to The Push-Up Challenge illuminates the organisation’s unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility and the well-being of its employees and the broader community. Their contribution will undoubtedly carve a meaningful path of change in the lives of many.