- 27.01.22

Creating a Thriving Workplace: Exploring Company Culture at Dahua Australia


In the Australian real estate landscape, it’s rare that property developers are the centre of attention. In our industry, it’s the communities we create that shine. And for the most part, that’s how it should be. We’re in the business of building communities that offer residents a rich sense of place; somewhere people can enjoy their lives surrounded by family and friends. It’s not often you hear about the developers behind the land estates in Australia’s burgeoning urban fringe. But, just as we create neighbourhoods where people can thrive, we also strive to foster a workplace that affords our employees the same opportunity – to be their best selves.

So, we thought we’d do a deep dive into our company culture here at Dahua Australia, and share some of the little things we do that really make a big difference in the day-to-day lives of our team.

We never stop learning

Working in such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, we are big believers in life-long learning. That’s why we invest diligently in each employee’s professional development.

Internally, our management team provides corporate training sessions, sharing their expertise to empower professional growth from within the company. In November, we held our ‘Communication is Key’ Team Spirit training, which focused on enhancing our collaboration and cooperation skills. Safe to say we are a well-oiled machine off the back of this! Technical training and information sharing seminars are also held several times a year to develop each team’s practical skills. This includes cyber security training for all staff – a must-have we’d recommend for any corporation, with our team improving their cyber awareness by 77% after just two months of training.

To cap it off, everyone at Dahua gets a personal learning and development plan, which allows them to undertake external training relating to their career goals and ambitions.

It’s a team effort

We’re lucky enough to have a truly wonderful and dedicated team, so when it comes to saying ‘thank you’ for all their hard work, we like to go above and beyond. Whether it’s an excursion to Mt Dandenong or lunch at a winery in the Yarra Valley, it’s these little things that show our appreciation. These events are also a great way for everyone to bond outside the confines of work, which is always a bonus.

Navigating a global pandemic

Like so many workplaces, the last few years have presented a unique set of challenges for our team to overcome, as we navigate the ramifications of Covid. With a pandemic comes great upheaval in all aspects of life, including how businesses operate on a daily basis. The greatest change in this regard came with the switch to working from home. While many appreciated the added flexibility this arrangement provided, it also brought its own mental health pressures to the table – that feeling of not being able to switch off, or the overwhelm experienced by parents also juggling remote learning. With so much going on, we wanted to ensure the wellness and wellbeing of our team was supported as best as possible.

With our focus firmly set on the mental health of our team, things like yoga classes and weekly online activities were arranged to help people relax and reconnect outside of Zoom meetings. This online series proved to be an invaluable initiative in 2021, so we are hoping 2022 will allow for more offline events, to continue the focus on mental health and connection at Dahua.

Speaking of the New Year, we have started an exciting new program in response to the evolving situation here in Victoria and NSW. With cases significantly on the rise, our Covid Assistant Task Force is now in operation, designed to assist employees and their families. The task force helps deliver essential care items to the employee’s home, including disposable masks, oximeters and more. Dahua can also help employees with their online grocery orders if need be. This is just the latest initiative for Dahua as we continue to navigate a global pandemic, always ensuring the wellbeing of our team is front of mind.

By bringing our company’s values off the paper and putting them into practise, we strive to provide a dynamic and positive workplace at Dahua. As our business grows, our focus will remain firmly on the wellbeing of each and every employee, something that is more important now than ever, as we look towards a bright post-pandemic future.