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Dahua Group is a Top Tier Property Development Corporation from China Since its inception in 1988, Dahua has actively contributed to the changing skyline of China’s major cities. With over 30 years of experience, Dahua expanded internationally in 2014. Australia was its first new destination outside China to secure development opportunities. The company brings its vast international experience in property development to Australia and is committed to delivering quality lifestyle communities that set new industry benchmarks.

Committed to service excellence and delivering quality lifestyle communities    


Incorporated in 1988 in Shanghai, China, Dahua Group started as a diversified property development and real estate company with the intention to provide a one-stop property solution encompassing investment, development, construction, property management as well as portfolio management and business operation services. Dahua Group was one of the first property developers to be awarded the National Class 1 Property Developer License in China. The company was also one of the first property developers to adopt a national strategy for expansion in China. After more than 20 years of developing major projects, the Dahua brand can now be seen across several cities in China. In 2014, Dahua made its bold investment move into Australia to grow its international presence. Dahua has now built an enviable reputation in Australia through the successful completion of projects in both Sydney and Melbourne.

The Dahua Brand

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    Dahua Mission

    Dedicated to building better communities and creating quality housing solutions.

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    Brand Recognition

    Ranked among Top 100 Real Estate Developers in China

Dahua achievements

Since incorporation in 1988 and after decades of significant acquisitions and the completion of several major projects, Dahua is now ranked among the Top 500 Private Business in China. Dahua has a presence in more than 10 major cities in China. A total of over 50 mega projects completed. The business has achieved an annual sale revenue exceeding 2 billion dollars for 10 consecutive years. Dahua has developed and built homes for nearly 700,000 residents in China.

incorporated in

the Top 500 Private
Business in China.

sale revenue of over 10 billion for 10
consecutive years

A total of over 50 mega projects

Develop and built homes for nearly

Dahua strives for excellence 

Dahua in Australia


Dahua Group’s entry into Australia marks an important milestone for the company’s international expansion plans. Since entering the Australian market in 2014, Dahua has embarked on 14 property development projects including apartment towers and masterplanned communities in Australia. The planning, approach and delivery of quality housing solutions by Dahua within its Australian projects has been embraced by the community. The Dahua brand is fast becoming a recognised name within the Australian market.

By the end of 2016, Dahua’s developments in Sydney and Melbourne are projected to achieve total sales revenue of AUD$280 million and a saleable area of 293,000 square metres. Dahua is committed to its long-term development in Australia, the company has combined its international experience with local knowledge to deliver superior developments to the Australian market. Dahua is dedicated to bringing the world’s best construction practices to Australia, building quality lifestyle communities that will be appreciated for decades to come.

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